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well shit i want to get asked character things too

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Did something for Zeon. Aqua’s super adorable. :3

Did something for Zeon. Aqua’s super adorable. :3



Anonymous said: Please don't get rid of Mocha's weight, that's her best feature. It makes her stand out more and honestly makes her damn sexy. She wears it well so I hope you keep it around ;-;

Don’t worry Anon! As long as I breathe, she will remain chubby!

Plus, I could make another dark-skinned moo. I really don’t see a lot of them around. 

"I could be drawing right now"

me every single minute of the day 24/7 (via yuunachi)

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Trying to do more scribbles to loosen up. Some of these are a bit interesting, actually.

Trying to do more scribbles to loosen up. Some of these are a bit interesting, actually.


I really want to try and have a week where I draw nothing but other dude’s cowgirls. I keep seeing a lot of good ones circulate around and I want to contribute.



Anonymous said: Mocha is you ideal representation of chub? But she keeps getting heavier wider and more roll-filled with each new picture, can you be a little more specific?

She’s more an ideal that changes over time. I make her more wide and…roll-y, because I just find more examples of chubby girls I like more and more. Currently trying to emulate Cotton Candi’s bodytype with her. Hehe…

Regardless,I try to keep a general design philosophy around her. Pear-shaped, huge ass, smaller boobs than the rest of my cast by default, and a nice belly.



zuezz said: What made you wunna make Mocha chubby?

You can thank DarkElfAqua and Iamohjay for that. I saw Nilla and Millie a while back and thought I wanted to make a chubbymoo for myself. I already had Mocha — then Mooka — and Mia active at the time.

I just converted Mooka for that and then boom! Dark skinned chubbymoo.

Granted, I get a fair amount of people asking for her skinny mode back. Haven’t decided fully if I’m going to do that yet. 


Anonymous said: Would you be wiling to do a BBW roleplay on Omegle with me? I think you'd be really good at it.

Sounds fun. But not knowing who you are is gonna be kind of a problem.



Anonymous said: Is there anything you've wanted to draw before, but found it too difficult to actually pull off?

Backgrounds, mostly. I also wanted to give more processes and comics a shot, but I usually have a hard time doing those.